Dr. Fox is grateful for the generous support for his research from numerous funding agencies, including:

National Science Foundation
National Institutes of Health
Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Consumer Credit Research Institute

Major grants

Principal Investigator, subcontract for 1RC4AG039115: Use of behavioral economics to improve treatment of acute upper respiratory infections. National Institutes of Health (NIH) / National Institute on Aging (NIA), (Jason Doctor, Award P.I.). Subaward budget: $544,071. Total award budget: $11,464,018.

Co-Investigator, 1RC4AG039077-01: Monetary incentives and intrinsic motivation to sustain hypertension control. National Institutes of Health (NIH) / National Institute on Aging (NIA), (Martin Shapiro, P.I.). Award budget: $1,247,695.

Co-Principal Investigator, The neural basis of risky decision making. (with Russell Poldrack) National Science Foundation (Human Social Dynamics), $764,118.

Principal Investigator, Judgment under uncertainty: Ad hoc partitions and insufficient reason. National Science Foundation (Decision, Risk and Management Science), $163,114.